Courses Taught (full –time employment, UNF and Yale University)


Lower Level

Contemporary Ethical Issues

Global Ethics/Justice (Honors)

Introduction to Philosophy


Upper Level

Contemporary Political Philosophy,

Democratic Theory (Political Science Cross-list)

Environmental Ethics

Foundations of Western Thought 1

Foundations of Western Thought 2

Germany Today (COAS Foreign Culture, History Cross-list)

Human Rights

Kant to Nietzsche

Philosophy of Democracy

Philosophy & Public Policy

Philosophy of Law (Criminal Justice Cross-list; Distance Learning)

Philosophy of the Social Sciences

Political Philosophy

Social Philosophy


Senior Seminars

Hegel’s Politics


Philosophy of Globalization



Graduate Courses

Contemporary Political Philosophy

Ethics, Religion, and Global Discourse

Global Justice

Hegel’s Politics

Human Rights

Kant to Nietzsche

Philosophy of Democracy

Philosophy of Law

Political Philosophy

Proseminar: Practical Philosophy in Culture and Society

Proseminar: Themes and Methods in Practical Philosophy


Supervised the following Directed Independent Studies

Communist East Germany: Bryan Hooper

Current US Policy regarding Correction and the Socioeconomic

Ecofeminism: Barbara Mitola

Habermas: Philosophy of Language in Action.

Hegel’s Philosophy

Hobbes, Nietzsche, Foucault and the Concept of Power, René Amaden

Philosophy and Politics in the Thought of Jacques Derrida (with Sam Kimball):


Supervised UNF MA Student Capstone Research: Theses and Internship Reports

Cathleen Jensen-Gall UNF’s Institutional Review: An Internship Report (April 2009)

Sarah Fernandez A Theory of Cultural Glocality (June 2009)

Meghan Orman Reinventing Political Participation: Democracy and Education in the Early 21st Century (November 2010)

Jeanette Hoekstra-Berk The Voice of Deliberation (April 2013)

Jeannemarie Celentano Halleck E Pluribus Unum? Liberalism and the Search for Civility in America (April 2014)

Holly Masturzo, Developing a Learning Workplace: The Ethical Function of Participation for Improvement Processes in Higher Education (April 2014)

Kerrie Coubrough, The Rights of Refugees and the Obligations of the West: An examination of the global refugee crisis and practical observations in Jacksonville Fl (October 2014)

Dawn Ady, The Ultimate Irony: An Information Age and the Disappearing Art of Librarianship (April 2016)

Sampson Hyde, Democratic Pluralism (April 2017)

Joe Hamrick, Retributive Justice, Capital Punishment, and Jurors in Northeast Florida (April 2021)