Service to the Department

2015-2016: Promotion and Tenure Committee Chair

2012-2013: Third Year Colleague Review Committee Chair

2008-2014: Graduate Coordinator, MA n Practical Philosophy & Applied Ethics

2002-2003: Chief Author and Coordinator, Philosophy Program Review

1999-2007 (on leave during 2003-2004): Philosophy Department Chair

1998-1999: Philosophy Search Co-Chair

1997-1999: Philosophy Speaker Series Coordinator

1996-1997: Philosophy Search Chair

1995-1996: Chief Author and University Coordinator, Board of Regents Philosophy Program Review

1994-1995: Philosophy Program Coordinator

1994-1995: Philosophy Search Chair

1993-1994: Philosophy Search Chair

1989-1991: Philosophy Club Co-advisor

1988-1990: Coauthor, Philosophy Major Proposal