Community Service

“Beyond the Liberal Concept of Right,” presentation to the Jacksonville University Philosophy Club, November 16, 1989.

“Should Government Subsidize Culture?” Folio Weekly, February 6, 1990: 35.

“The Idea of Public Art,” introduction to Culture and Democracy Town Hall meeting, Jacksonville, March 15, 1990.

Cosponsor with Jacksonville Community Council, Inc., “Ethics and the Non-Profit Sector,” grant supported by the Florida Endowment for the Humanities, October 1, 1991.

“Art and Censorship,” Brevard Community Alliance, Melbourne Florida, April 1992.  Sponsored by the Florida Humanities Council.

“German Unification: Euphoria, Disillusionment, and the Present,” presentation to the Fleet Landing Forum for the Humanities on the topic, March 1995.

Symposium Coordinator & Moderator, “Health Care in 21th Century: Confronting the Ethical Challenges,” with Madison Powers, Kennedy Center for Ethics, Georgetown University. UNF Ethics Center Public Symposium, February 2000.

“Globalization, Modernity, and Fundamentalism,” website publication of the University of California/Santa Cruz, 2001

Coordinator/Moderator, “Organ Transplants for Patients infected with HIV,” with Mayo Clinic Physicians, Ethics Center Symposium, March 2002.

Moderator and Planning Committee Member, Florida Humanities Council sponsored Forum on “Civic Involvement,” sponsored by Institute for Local Government. March 2002.

Coordinator/Moderator, “Ethics, Public Policy, and Faith-Based Initiatives,” Ethics Center evening symposium featuring Dr. Mary Segers, Professor of Political Science, Rutgers University Newark April 2002.

Coordinator, James S. Kemper Lecture Series and Symposium in Globalization and Business Ethics, UNF Ethics Center, 2002-03

“Theories of Global Justice,” invited presentation to the St. Augustine Study Group, Oct. 2009.